Mar 01, 19

Holmes work brings it's own aggresively contemporary attitude, contrasting romantic neon tropes with a rock & roll sensibility.

Feb 22, 19

Clean, elegant & intentional strokes. The Beauty of Cleon's work is always apparent at first glance. But it's often the second glance that garners brow-raising attention

Feb 15, 19

Expert in expressing his innovative imagination, Jonathan Raksha is one such talented artist who has found his means of creative expression through gold.

Feb 08, 19

"Beyond the Streets very quickly became this year's pinnacle of street art exhibits. The Los Angeles based showcase housed some of the most influential LA artists.

Feb 01, 19

Releasing 5 rare carra marble sculptures titled “CAPO”. Juncha’s highly sought after Memento Mori Series is here. Learn More

Jan 18, 19

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Jan 11, 19

Otherwise known as Sanghyuk Ko, Mr. K is well known for his single-needed, signature tattoo artistry style, producing microscopic precision designs for his clientele.